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What is ShipToHawaii?
ShipToHawaii is a "members only" shipping service that provides a secure way to save money when shipping air freight or ocean freight from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii. By tapping into a distribution network generally inaccessible to the average consumer and small business, we provide an affordable alternative to express air shipping by offering air and ocean consolidations.

How does ShipToHawaii work?
Many large retailers offer free shipping when shopping on the Internet, but that usually only applies if you live in one of the 48 contiguous states. ShipToHawaii finally allows Hawaii businesses and residents to take advantage of those "free shipping" offers on the mainland by providing members with access to mainland facilities that they can use as their shipping address, instead of their own Hawaii address.

We also solve the problem of mainland vendors that refuse to ship to Hawaii. Now, you have a mainland shipping address.

How many mainland shippings addresses do you have?
We have two mainland addresses, depending on whether you are shipping air freight or ocean freight.

Air Freight - Inglewood, CA (90301)

Ocean Freight - Gardena, CA (90248)

Is the service the same for the Neighbor Islands as it is for Oahu?
When shipping air freight the service is not the same. All air freight is consolidated in Inglewood and sent to Honolulu. ShipToHawaii Oahu members must pick their air freight packages at a will call counter located near the Honolulu airport. All Neighbor Island members will have their packages mailed to them using the United States Postal Service (USPS). Please see specific information above pertaining to Oahu and the Neighbor Islands.

When shipping ocean freight the service is the same. All ocean freight is consolidated in Gardena, CA. Ocean freight is held for will call, unless delivery arrangements have been made with ShipToHawaii in advance.

What happens after I ship a package to one of your mainland facilities?
Upon arrival at one of our partnering facilities, we consolidate your shipment with other Hawaii bound packages. ShipToHawaii packages are sent directly to Hawaii at least twice a week creating only a short delay as we process and consolidate your package with other Hawaii bound shipments.

How much can I save?
Cost savings vary from package to package but by having one central location for all packages destined for Hawaii we are able to leverage the purchasing power of our members and negotiate deeply discounted shipping rates with our air freight and ocean freight providers. Please feel free to use our ShipToHawaii shipping calculator to better understand the substantial savings you can enjoy by becoming a member.

How often do you ship packages?
We ship air freight a minimum of two times per week from our Inglewood warehouse. Ocean freight destined for Oahu is sent every Wednesday and Saturday from our Gardena warehouse. Ocean freight for the neighbor islands is sent every Saturday from our Gardena warehouse.

ShipToHawaii is committed to limiting the amount of time our members have to wait for their packages.

Will ShipToHawaii save me money in every shipping situation?
No. Some websites offer free shipping directly to Hawaii or a standard shipping rate. These are examples in which we may not be the best alternative. Use the shipping calculator provided on our web site to determine how much money you can save by using us. ShipToHawaii's purpose is to provide you an additional option when shipping items to Hawaii.

Can your service be used for purchases other than those made on the Internet?
Yes. If you shop for your home or business using a catalog or by phone, you can send the packages you ordered directly to one of our warehouse facilities.

How are air freight shipping costs calculated?
Shipping costs can be calculated by the customer using our on-line shipping calculator if you know the following information about your package:

  • Weight (pounds)
  • Length (inches)
  • Width (inches)
  • Height (inches)

We determine shipping charges by calculating the dimensional weight of the package, and then comparing it to the actual weight. Whichever is greater will determine your shipping costs.

How are ocean freight shipping costs calculated?
Shipping costs can be calculated by the customer using our on-line shipping calculator if you know the following information about your package:

  • Length (inches)
  • Width (inches)
  • Height (inches)

We determine shipping charges by calculating the total cubic feet of the shipment.

Does ShipToHawaii have ocean freight minimums?
Yes. There is a minimum charge for all ocean freight shipments of $200, which equals approximately 18 cubic feet.  Cubic feet is calculated using the following equation (LxWxH/1728). All measurements are in inches.

What happens if my freight is sent to the wrong ShipToHawaii warehouse?
If an ocean shipment should arrive at the air freight address or the opposite, ShipToHawaii can transfer the freight to the correct warehouse for a small delivery fee.

Will I receive an invoice?
Shipping costs are calculated and charged automatically to the credit card that you registered on your account. Invoices are available on our website. Simply log in to your account to view and print invoices.

How safe is it to use the ShiptoHawaii web site?
All transactions are encrypted on our website. The protection of our member's account information is our primary concern. Our credit card merchant is a nationally recognized bank with over a decade of Internet transaction processing experience. By using established international freight carriers we can depend on a level of quality and safety when delivering your packages to Hawaii.

Does ShipToHawaii provide insurance?
ShipToHawaii does not automatically insure your packages. It is the members responsibility to insure their own packages. However, for an extra fee ShipToHawaii can provide insurance. Simply log in to your account, declare the value and contents of your package, and your package will be insured. If you do not purchase insurance, ShipToHawaii will not be responsible for any damage or loss.

What is the maximum dollar amount that can be declared for insurance purposes?
ShipToHawaii can insure packages up to $1000 in declared value through your on line account. If you need insurance that exceeds this amount, please contact a ShipToHawaii customer service representative by email or phone.

How do I file an insurance claim?
There are several things that must be done in order to have a claim accepted by the insurance company.

  • All packaging must be kept from damaged item.
  • Take photos of the damaged item and packaging.
  • Must call ShipToHawaii within 48 hours and notify us of the damage.
  • Will need a copy of the invoice for the item with purchase price.
  • The completed claim must be submitted within 10 days.

Are there certain items that cannot be shipped using your service?
Like all airfreight services we have limitations on what can and cannot be sent. To ensure the safety of your packages, the following items cannot be shipped using our service:

  • Perishable goods
  • Goods requiring protection from heat or cold
  • Goods worth more than the maximum allowed declared value ($5000)
  • Artwork
  • Antiques or museum articles
  • Fragile items such as glassware or ostrich eggs
  • Jewelry, furs, precious metals
  • Stocks, bonds, cash, cash equivalents
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Hazardous or dangerous materials (including anything flammable, corrosive, explosive, infectious, or radioactive)
  • Firearms or fireworks
  • Tobacco
  • Liquids in quantities greater than 1 gallon or that are not packaged properly to prevent leakage
  • Live animals or plants
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Golf Carts
  • Tractors
  • Surfboards
  • Electronics

I'm convinced, what do I need to sign up?
Simply sign up for the service under the New Member section of our website and ShipToHawaii will provide you with our mainland shipping addresses in California and a unique Member ID. When you purchase items on-line, include your Member ID in the address, have your packages sent directly to our mainland warehouse and we will handle the rest.

Why do I need to register my credit card?
In order for us to process your packages promptly we require all customers to register a valid credit card.

What is the benefit of being a member?
Only members can use the ShiptoHawaii facility as a mailing address. Members can use the web site to securely access their personalized account and generate reports, access account information and track their shipping history.